Malago History




MALAGO Society is named after the stream that flows from the hills of Dundry and through Bedminster. In 1973 the staff and pupils of Bedminster Down School wrote and produced a mu-sical play on the theme of some children looking for the source of the Malago. Anton Bantock, then head of history at the school, began with a group of sixth formers to research the history of the area. So that episodes could be included in the show. This in turn led to the collection of photographs and reminiscences. Those involved with the research thought it would be a pity to let their efforts go to waste, so in January 1974 they formed the Malago Archives Committee to continue their work.

In January 1975 a local history evening at the school presented some of the information in the form of readings, songs and dances, and in June 1975 the first MALAGO magazine was launched at the school fete. Subsequently, Anton Bantock was asked to run a course of talks on local history for adults, from which the present Malago Society is descended. The history of the Smyth Family of Ashton Court, on which Anton Bantock was the acknowledged authority. We were deeply sorry when Anton died in March 2015 - we lost a friend and a pillar of the Malago Society.


Anton Bantock